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    1. Present housing must be too small, unsafe and/or or substandard, as verified during a home visit.
    2. Must have minimal long-term debt and able to repay an interest-free mortgage set at the market value of the home. Monthly mortgage payments (including property taxes) are set at 25% of total family income as evaluated yearly based on income tax line 150 of the notice of assessment.
    3. At least 25% of family income must be from employment.
    4. Must show evidence of employment for a minimum of the past three years.
    5. Must invest 500 hours of sweat equity towards working with Habitat and building the home.
    6. Gross family total income, including line 150 of the notice of assessment and other income (including but not limited to Disability Pension and Child Tax Benefit), should be below the following low income cut-offs:

LICO levels (before tax)

Maximum Annual Gross


1 $18, 976
2 $23, 623
3 $29, 041
4 $35, 261
5 $39, 992
6 $45, 105
7 $50, 218
  1. Must be willing to provide most recent Notice of Assessment from Revenue Canada for the past 2 years as well as references from employer, landlord and 3 other people who know the family well.
  2. Must consent to a credit check.
  3. Must be at least 3 years since a bankruptcy has been resolved.
  4. Preference is given to families with young children.
  5. Must be Canadian citizens and have lived in York, Sunbury or Queens County for the past year.

You can download an application here or call us at 506-474-1520 to request that one be mailed to you.